Apartment Complex Brokerage

Multi-unit properties provide an easy entry into the lucrative real estate market, as well as a long-term cash-flow investment for the investor. In the present economic climate, with lower-than-average interest rates, the U.S. economic and housing market data clearly shows that the popularity of multi-unit real estate has never been greater.

A multif-unit property is typically defined as a free-standing structure composed of six or more separate living units. This type of real estate investment is not without its complexities. For interested investors, a brokerage company with experience in multi-unit property investments – who can help investors locate or list promising properties – provides a great advantage.

Tri-State Realty is your go-to broker for representation and consultation in the multi-unit property real estate market. Our company has been representing buyers and sellers of multi-unit apartment buildings and townhouse complexes for decades. We are a real estate brokerage company with more than 40 years experience in commercial real estate representation and consulting in Southeast Kansas and Southwest Missouri. One of our areas of specialization is in representing buyers and sellers of multi-unit developments, apartment communities, and senior housing throughout the region.

As long-time commercial real estate specialists, Tri-State Realty offers an unmatched advantage on the multi-unit property real estate market. We have represented numerous buyer and seller transactions and helped many more discover commercial real estate opportunities that fit their investment interests.

Whether your multi-unit real estate interests involve buying or selling commercial property, the full-service brokerage team at Tri-State Realty is prepared to assist in all phases of your investment.

As a further benefit to buyers and sellers, Tri-State Realty provides counsel and support to our clients who require broker opinion of values – helping them determine the estimated value of their investment prior to sale or by creating a successful positioning strategy prior to purchase.

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