Farmland Brokerage

Farmland in the Midwest is a commodity that is currently benefiting from an imbalance in demand and supply. As a result, there is a marked increase in demand for farm land in Kansas and Missouri. Buyers and sellers of farm or agricultural land in these specific regions are seeing a significant increase in their return on investment.

Tri-State Realty is a real estate brokerage company with more than 40 years experience in commercial real estate brokerage and consulting in eastern Kansas and western Missouri regions. One of our areas of specialization is in revenue-generating agricultural or farmland brokerage for both buyers and sellers in the Midwestern region.

As long-time commercial real estate specialists, Tri-State Realty offers buyers and sellers an unparalleled perspective on the agricultural property market. At present, there is a revenue growth opportunity for those real estate properties that offer tillable land for row crops (commonly defined as grain, fruit, or vegetable plants such as corn, milo, cotton, wheat, and soybeans).

Due to the soil type native to Kansas and Missouri, as well as the average temperatures and rainfall, there is also a high demand for pasture or rangelands for livestock grazing (horses, cattle, sheep, and/or swine). Kansas and Missouri are both prized for their diverse, natural landscapes. With wide areas of tall grass and short grass prairies in these regions, areas of farmland are highly sought after for grazing.

At Tri-State Realty, our history in agricultural and farm land brokerage – combined with our familiarity with the various physical topographic regions in Kansas and Missouri – allows our company to provide a broad range of consultative and representation services for both buyers and sellers of land. In addition, we can analyze farm land and provide a broker opinion of value on the property. Subsequently, we are able to provide expert counsel and representation to clients whose real estate investment interests coincide with agricultural properties in Kansas and Missouri.

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