Self-Storage Property Brokerage

Self-storage properties continue to produce revenues for investors – even in the present economy. As part of the lucrative rental property market, self-storage property can be an enormous business opportunity for investors and a valuable asset to a commercial real estate holdings portfolio. Due to the fact that the self-storage market has become highly competitive, Tri-State Realty is available to assist with property brokerage, representation, consulting, and further development of self-storage properties in the Kansas and Missouri regions.

Tri-State Realty is a real estate brokerage company with more than 40 years experience in commercial real estate brokerage and consulting in the eastern Kansas and western Missouri regions. One of our areas of specialization is in representing buyers and sellers of self-storage properties. In addition, our company also offers commercial real estate development services to clients who are purchasing (or planning to purchase) self-storage property.

Tri-State Realty is available to help self-storage property buyers and speculators understand the complexities of the self-storage business and market, as well as help them develop and expand their properties to suit.

As long-time commercial real estate specialists, Tri-State Realty offers buyers and sellers an unparalleled perspective on the self-storage property market. We have represented numerous buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions and helped many more discover commercial real estate opportunities that fit their investment interests. Whether your real estate interests involve buying or selling self-storage property, the full-service brokerage team at Tri-State Realty is prepared to assist in all phases of your real estate development project.

As a further benefit to buyers and sellers, Tri-State Realty provides counsel and support to our clients who require a broker opinion of value – helping them determine the value of their investment prior to sale or by creating a successful positioning strategy prior to purchase.

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